Abdulaziz Lang

Recognized expert in strategy planning, organizational development and change management. He has decades of real-world management experience in a variety of organizations, including startup. He is a leader, planner and community developer, founder member of Gadlang Management Consultancy Group. He is also founder of the various professional forums providing networking platforms to the fellow members and professional.

Since the late 1990s, Abdulaziz has had a deep interest in resolving corporates’ mid to long term planning issues, managing companies’ internal and external stakeholders expectations by aligning their priorities and processes in order to achieve the overall corporate desired results and provide comfort in the managing the objective over a longer period of time through consulting, coaching and facilitation.

“Abdul Aziz is the rare finance leader who is both strategic and operational in nature. In fact, it does Abdul Aziz a disservice to label him as a finance person. Much more than that, he is a data driven and well-rounded business person.”

– Andrew P. Kupsco, VP of operations, Cox Automotive Inc., Atlanta

Industries served:

  • Manufacturing
  • Airlines
  • Shipping
  • Automobiles
  • Insurance
  • Technology
  • Hospitality
  • Trading & distribution
  • Services
  • Agriculture