A Resourceful and Expert Approach

You are an expert in your business and make sure every critical aspect tick along perfectly. However, you need a seamless financial system that lies at the heart of your business success. Irrespective of your business size or model, you need financial systems that are reliable and solid just like the foundations of a good home.

At athGADLANG, we ensure that your business financial systems stay consistent, reliable and efficient at all times. We bring a difference to the financial system by understanding your business and creating customized support systems that are tailor-made for your unique business needs; just to ensure you stay focused on core business aspects, while we take care of your financial systems. Whether you are looking for annual accounts’ maintenance, regulatory audits, reliable management information or statutory financial statements, our experts can help you reinforce the foundation beneath your business.

Pushing You Beyond Horizons

We know you are stuck with many tasks and need to achieve pressing targets, that’s why at athGADLANG we make sure to sort your business accounts with a straightforward approach. Whether it’s simply about getting the standard statutory accounts straight or need detailed management information and advisory services, you can trust us to complete the job seamlessly without any hassle.

Just as we prefer to take each client personally, expect our visits to your premises during account preparation. This way, we won’t just be able to relate to your business and get a feel for your operations, but also, we will be able to identify other aspects where we can help you with. athGADLANG is all about getting clients to succeed and that’s why we don’t let go of any opportunities like VAT, Audit or business advisory service where you might need professional help.

With footprint spread across three continents coupled with hundreds of successful projects in the GCC region, we have the resources and experience to deliver you the best actuarial services in the UAE and across the GCC region.

Our expert team of accountants offers the following…

  • Annual year-end accounts
  • Monthly & quarterly management information
  • Compliance issues
  • Outsourcing solutions
  • Independent financial review
  • All year round advice & support
  • Target setting
  • VAT returns

Illuminating The Horizons For You to Raise The Bars!

Reviewing the critical financial information and interpreting the data can be messy and if you have the time and energy to accomplish that, we commend you for that. However, in our experience, most business owners are too consumed with a number of tasks to deal with that it’s simply become impossible to get a clear picture of financial information.

And that’s where athGADLANG comes to its own. We help illuminate the critical management account by identifying the key financial metrics that let you analyze and get clarity on your business’ financial health. We don’t end there but give you expert advisory services to improve profitability and cash flow issues.