Adding Value to Your Business

athGADLANG offers the best business valuation services in the UAE. With a combined experience spanning over two decades of providing reliable and efficient services to businesses of all size and models, we have the resources and expertise to deliver you the best valuation services in UAE and greater GCC region.

Experience and Expertise

athGADLANG bring in a global experience in business valuation services that span to all verticals and horizontals of the valuation services. With a cross-region presence, strong industry connection and global talent pool, we are aptly resourced to bring you the best and most reliable business valuation services.


Certified Business Valuation is the foremost requirement for businesses at various times including securing business financing, taxation, divestment, capital budgeting as well as during Mergers & Acquisitions. Financial institutions, lenders and investors like to scrutinize the credibility of valuation reports through professional auditors, tribunals, and litigants to ensure the sanctity and authority of the numbers before committing themselves to the business.

At athGADLANG, our expert and qualified business valuers help businesses derive a clear and honest valuation report that serves as the authority in the commercial and legal context. We offer the complete spectrum of business valuation services including but not restricted to:

  • Dispute settlement between counterparties
  • Purchase price adjustment mechanism
  • Allocation of purchase price
  • Assets valuation for financial reporting
  • Assessment of capital gains
  • Assessment of taxation matters
  • Cashflow modeling
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Capital estimation for regulatory purposes
  • Capital estimation for capital budgeting

When you need Business Valuations?

Our detailed approach, experienced experts, cross-industry connections and global presence enable us to offer precise business valuation services to our clients that can be relied upon for:

  • Financing (Mortgage Security)
  • Succession Planning
  • Partnership / Share buyouts
  • Business / Entity restructure
  • Employee share ownership plans
  • Litigation / Court settlements
  • Family law matters
  • Pre-sale and sale
  • Resumption compensation


We offer comprehensive support services across the entire spectrum of the business valuation process. Our team comprises of global talent pool with work experience spanning three continents and six countries give us the expert leverage to deliver accurate and reliable business valuation reports.

Our expert team of professionals is passionate to bring the highest standard valuation services offering the client with:

  • An independent and reliable valuation report
  • An objective mindset
  • Technically robust valuations that are commercially viable
  • Expert opinions backed by market data
  • Clear and insightful reports