The Business’s “Wing Man”

You want your company to succeed and you leave no stone unturned to steer business operations in the right directions. But finances aren’t your cup of tea, is it?

Our experience in the industry has shown that lack of financial management expertise is one of the top reasons why many small and medium companies go out of operations…

  • You need a professional who can keep a vigilant eye on your business finances, so you don’t lose focus on things that keep your business moving.
  • You need a professional who has the nerve and experience to take key business financial decisions week after week
  • You need a professional who has the resources to keep the lead in the financial zone, so you can stay focused on core business strengths

To put it simply, you need a Chief Financial Officer (CFO), however, most businesses either don’t need or can’t afford full time CFO services.

Our Services


  • Formulating long term business plan, determining the future direction and facilitating the tactical initiatives
  • Execution and monitoring of strategic business plans
  • Financial analysis and tax planning
  • Budgeting process
  • Development of key performance metrics


  • Participation as a member of executive team for key decision making
  • Supervise accounting, tax and treasury departments
  • Facilitating businesses in business valuations, due diligence and Mergers & Acquisition

Financial Information

  • Timely and precise reporting of financial information
  • In-depth analysis and reporting of financial results

Risk Management

  • Identify key risk elements
  • Design and implementation of risk mitigation measures
  • Ensuring compliance with financial, legal, regulatory and auditory requirements


  • Ensuring supply of working capital
  • Keeping track of long term funding requirement via debt & equity
  • Investment and management of available funds for profits
  • Keeping up with banking relations
  • Representing business for investment requirements