Helping Business Leaders Make Well-Informed Decisions!

Successful businesses aren’t just about effective corporate governance, it’s more about taking the right decisions at the right time. Business leaders including executives and board members need insightful and timely information and recommendations to be able to make well-informed decisions and keep the competitive edge.

athGADLANG’s expert internal auditors bring their specialized business advisory and assurance services that help leaders and board members access the key business information required to discharge their responsibilities efficiently.

Insightful Internal Audit Services that Drives businesses

A reliable and efficient internal audit function offer businesses the competitive advantage needed to keep up with the needs of the evolving business landscape. Improving corporate governance, managing risks and keeping up with the security issues are some of the core components of effective internal audit functions. Worldwide, leading organizations are leveraging internal audit function as a strategic resource that gives them an insightful perspective of business risks and future opportunities and help them make timely well-informed decisions.

At athGADLANG, we have the expertise and technical resources to help businesses of all sizes and models optimized their internal audit functions by partnering with the executives and management staff at all levels. Our expert internal auditors complement the existing resources and optimize internal audit functions at industry standards.

A Winning Process

Our unique internal audit services are meant to complement the internal resources of the business by collaborating with them at various level. This may include initiating the activity to complement their resources and build their skills. We facilitate executives and CFOs to reinforce finance function by enhancing business capacity to manage complex accounting issues as well as working with them to unveil the fraud risks, investigate financial irregularities and recommend customized solutions to deal with these risks.

Our Services

Our range of internal audit services to ensure effective corporate governance and regulatory compliance include:

  • Assessing business performance
  • Identification of business lacking
  • Evaluation of corporate planning processes
  • Assessing delegations and policy settings
  • Creating a robust fraud-resistant structure
  • Performing independent performance audits
  • Performing valuation of specific activities
  • Investigating financial irregularities
  • Enhancing business processes and systems to increase performance

How effective is your internal business environment?

Feel free to contact our expert auditors for a comprehensive risk assessment that covers the entire spectrum of your business lifecycle including asset management, finances, and accounts. We can also help you with the legislative, policy and compliance requirements.

Here’s your chance to unleash your complete business potential with effective and efficient internal audit services from athGADLANG.