Property Valuation Services for Residential and Commercial Sectors!

athGADLANG’s Property Valuation services offer the most comprehensive assortment of portfolio valuations, advisory consultant and market appraisal services for commercial and residential properties.

Property Valuation Services

Your Gateway to Financial Credibility!

Certified and expert valuation services deliver fundamental insight to homeowners and businesses to make informed decisions.

Difference between Property Valuation Services and market Appraisals?

One of the most common reasons people/businesses sought for property valuation services is to access financing. Professional and accredited financial valuer are trusted by lenders, funds, property companies, financial institutions, and public sectors, thus making them a crucial component in securing financing for businesses.

To be able to perform standard property valuation, valuers are required to follow a complex set of standards that need utmost skills and knowledge of the features as well as the incorporation of issues pertaining to specific properties that needed to be included in the final figure.


Your Trusted Property Valuation Partner!

At athGADLANG, we bring in the most extensive experience and expertise in the field of property valuation that encompass all horizontal and vertical aspects of the trade. With hundreds of successful valuation projects, international expertise, and cross-industry experience, we are rightly resource to offer you the most trusted and best property valuation services in UAE.

Don’t get caught with market Appraisals!

Market Appraisals offered by estate agents aren’t qualified to stand any legal grounds. At best these are just the “estimates” made keeping in view the general pricing standard of an area; mostly derived from recent sale prices. With market appraisals, you don’t stand a chance to qualify for securing much-needed finance for your business.

Why choose us?

athGADLANG is a market leader and top property valuation service provider in UAE and across greater GCC region. You can trust our services for:

  • Client oriented solutions
  • Generous and supportive team
  • Standard and qualified process
  • Rigid reporting and approval process
  • Global research and analysis resources
  • Cross-industry experts



  • Cash flow analysis
  • Year-end accounts
  • Litigation and compensation
  • Take-overs and mergers
  • Corporate recovery
  • Loan security
  • Management buy-outs
  • Unit pricing
  • Flotations and securitizations
  • Expert Witness
  • Insurance valuations
  • Sales and acquisitions


  • Building surveying
  • Expert witness and litigation
  • Sales and acquisitions
  • Compulsory purchase orders
  • Secured lending
  • Statutory tax valuations